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Embedded control testing

We offer simulation testing of embedded control systems – boosting reliability, robustness and productivity.

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Robustness testing

We deliver a range of low voltage robustness testing systems using randomisation, for battery simulation applications.

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Low voltage EMC testing

We can provide a range of low voltage qualification or standards testing equipment, for battery simulation applications.

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Test automation solutions

We offer a range of products supporting the automation of key testing processes.

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Custom test solutions

We can offer testing solutions built to fit your precise needs, across a range of technologies.

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Testing for manufacture

Our engineers specialise in products and services aimed at testing within the manufacturing sector.

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Control system simulation

We provide Simulink-based SIL, MIL, HIL and RCP systems, allowing engineers to test earlier in the design process.

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Vehicle dynamics simulation

We supply a range of vehicle dynamics simulation packages, enhancing the prototyping process.

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Plant simulation

We offer a range of pre-existing and custom Simulink-based plant simulation systems.

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Sensor simulation

We engineer a range of I/O solutions allowing for the generation or measurement of sensor signals.

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Power supply simulation

We offer a range of low voltage battery simulation systems, powering robustness testing.

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Fault simulation

We offer a range of test systems featuring fault insertion, allowing engineers to assess many common errors.

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Control interfaces

We provide communications, electrical and human-machine interfaces, enabling more efficient prototyping.

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Communications gateways

We manufacture products capable of acting as gateways across RS232, LIN and CAN, assisting ECU development.

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Electrical interfaces

We supply a wide range of I/O boards with flexible signal conditioning solutions.

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Distributed I/O Interfaces

We deliver a range of CAN-based distributed I/O products for use in real-time, HIL or industrial test systems.

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Rest-bus simulation

We offer products capable of simulating multiple ECU bus connections, facilitating the testing of a connected controller.

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Graphical Interfaces

We offer a range of visualisation interfaces for real and virtual control panels.

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Control system development

We develop custom Simulinkbased systems utilising embedded controllers, for use during RCP or SIL, MIL, and HIL testing.

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Model development

We develop Matlab and Simulink-based models, for use within SIL, MIL and HIL systems.

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GUI program development

We offer a range of tools for developing, building, packaging and running real-time graphical user interfaces.

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Network prototyping

We offer networking tools for communications gateway applications and user interface development, across CAN and LIN.

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Our mission: We provide embedded control systems testing, utilising simulation technology. Our work allows customers to develop the most innovative, reliable and feature-rich products on the market. Our approach offers...

  • ...a service built around you

    ...a service built around you

    We start by listening to your needs, and engineering a solution to match. We provide test and validation systems that help you to improve productivity, reliability and robustness. Our work also promotes cost-effective development.

  • ...high flexibility

    ...high flexibility

    We recognise that it is important that businesses get the best value for money when investing in new products. For this reason, we assure you of the longest possible service life by designing flexibility and configuration into all of our products.

  • ...award-winning innovation

    ...award-winning innovation

    All products are created by a strong team of engineers that continually strives to innovate. Our capture of the Lord Stafford Award for Innovation Achieved exemplifies this; earned for the development of our key robustness testing product.

  • ...a tailored support programme

    ...a tailored support programme

    Whatever the requirement for support, we can offer a tailored package to ensure you get the service you need, when you need it. Please get in touch with us if you would like further information on our support service options.

Greg working in labSoftware Development Engineer Vacancy

We are looking for an enthusiastic development engineer with the ability to handle a broad spectrum of tasks, including specifying and developing.

This position will suit someone who has an interest in both embedded software and hardware and is looking to work in a structured design environment. You will have a flexible approach to work and an ability to deliver work consistently at a professional level.

To find out more about the role, please click here.



add2 is an engineering services and mechatronic solutions provider. It specialises in off-the-shelf and turnkey test, RCP and real-time simulation systems.

It also produces bespoke low-volume electronic control solutions.



add2 is based near Lichfield, just north of Birmingham, which can be accessed via T4 of the M6 Toll.

It lies on the historic Hawkesyard estate in Armitage, Staffordshire, UK. Built in 1760 by esteemed parliamentarian Nathaniel Lister, the estate now serves as a thriving conference and events centre.



add2 produces a range of products, allowing systems incorporating real-time embedded control to be tested.

It also offers engineering services on a consultancy basis, allowing organisations to perform control systems testing.



add2 has supplied testing products and services to organisations across multiple sectors since July 1990.

It has developed a range of nine complimentary product families, undertaking award-winning research.

Our methodology

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and understanding your needs.  We want to help you focus on your core competencies by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.


We start with a client need


We engineer a solution


We develop a product


We evolve the product


We work in partnership

Our technologies

A selection of our expertise follows below. For more information, why not contact us?

Testing embedded control systems

A summary of some of the key steps involved when testing embedded...

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LVTGO-VBS Random Distributions 4 (P37)

Robustness testing of low voltage systems

In today’s modern electrical environments it is becoming more and more likely...

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Comms Gateways - Featured image 300x200

Communications gateway applications

Communications gateways are efficient solutions for exchanging information over two or more communications...

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Fault insertion technology

Fault insertion, fault injection or FI solutions are used to apply the...

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Our customers

An outline of the sectors in which we operate follows below. For more information, why not contact us?

Markets - Automotive


The automotive market forms a large part of our products, services and...

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Aeronautical aeroplane


We provide a range of software and hardware for the aerospace sector....

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Markets - Construction & Off-Road

Construction and off-road

While the construction and off-road sector shares many of the requirements as...

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engineers discussing hardware software


We have established a number of strong links to universities, allowing us...

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Markets - Other train

Other sectors

For many years, we have provided products and services to an array...

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