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Complex user interface design for aerospace systems

Aerospace applications often call for complex user interfaces due to the potentially huge Simulink models that can be deployed in the FADECs. This calls for a graphical user interface design tool capable of a massive number of connections to the real-time system and one that is able to display many more user controls than traditional tools have been capable of in the past.

VISUALCONNX is aimed at these applications, as it has been designed and optimised for creating high-quality user interfaces, whether the interface has a single user screen or dozens of screens with hundreds of controls on each.

Aerospace-centric controls

It is often necessary to use graphical user interface (GUI) controls designed for use in aerospace test and control applications.

Using third-party GUI controls appropriate to aeronautics in conjunction with a high performance real-time user interface offers a compelling combination of power and suitability for real-time monitoring and control.

Simple example showing animated cockpit displays

Simple example showing animated cockpit displays using VISUALCONNX

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High-bandwidth monitoring and control

When a large amount of connections exist between the control system and the real-time GUI it is important to be able to measure and display all the data at a good frame rate.

Using Simulink and xPC with VISUALCONNX and a high-bandwidth TCP/IP Ethernet interface, very high bandwidth can be achieved.

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