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Fault insertion technology

Fault insertion, fault injection or FI solutions are used to apply the kinds of electrical errors most likely to occur in an application when something goes wrong.

Common fault insertion failure modes

Common failures that can occur, say in the event of ageing or an accident, are broken wires (open circuit) or wires shorted to the main supply (battery) or ground (chassis), due to shorts within a wiring harness. Occasionally wire-to-wire shorts can occur too.

Terminal Wear

Heat damage can cause circuit failures

Worn Wires

Damaged wire can lead to short circuits

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Genix-based fault insertion solutions

It important that any fault insertion solution is itself robust and protected against damage and abuse, and should be considerably more capable than the system being tested.

For these reasons, our fault insertion solutions are fully protected against overload damage.

Verification of operation

Due to the robust hardware nature required for fault insertion, we often choose high current, high lifetime relays.

Genix fault insertion solutions can perform self-test functions prior to and post a series of tests, and can generate a hardware pass report for proof of valid test hardware operation.

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