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Model-in-the-loop testing applications

Model in the loop (MIL) testing and simulation is a technique used to abstract the behaviour of a system or sub-system in a way that this model can be used to test, simulate and verify that model.

Using Simulink for modelling

By using an industry standard toolchain such as Simulink for model definition you can test and refine that model within a desktop environment, allowing a complex system to be managed efficiently.

Migration path

Once you have modelled your control system or environment (plant model), you can use this powerful offline simulation environment to test your controller strategies.

Once you are content the strategy is working well you can then take your model and build it into a pseudo-real-time model to run on the host, or auto-code the model into embedded C code that can be run on real time hardware, either as a Rapid Control Prototyping model for MICROGen, or by using a hardware-in-the-loop simulation of the model.

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