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Special testing applications in manufacturing

Often it is more cost-effective and more reliable to perform special tests with a custom-designed piece of equipment that interfaces with the PLC on the production line.

Complex products, such as vehicles, often have sub-assemblies within the overall system that are important but hard to test after completion of the whole product.

The requirement for testing at this stage may come about for a number of reasons, such as the difficulty involved in replacing the item at a later manufacturing stage, ease of access or the requirement for calibration in situ.

What needs to be considered

Important features, such as test time not affecting the Takt time for the production line, easy use by an operator and being simple to maintain should be standard.

Further features, such as the logging of important data, bar-coding of serial numbers and interrogating the device under test for correct programming are just some of the aspects that need to be considered when planning to specify a piece of equipment for your line.

One system that can support this type of testing is the Genix Test Unit.

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