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EMC testing equipment rental now available

Published on 5th September 2017

Posted in in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

Occasionally during embedded systems development, bottlenecks may occur where test resources are limited or a project grows unexpectedly.

This could introduce unnecessary strain to the development process and could also risk on-time project delivery.

With customer deadlines approaching and a budget to adhere to, a quick, cost-effective solution must be discovered to make sure the project in development is completed on time.

We’ve recently introduced a rental scheme for the LVTGO-VBS range, allowing engineers to meet short-term EMC and robustness testing requirements.

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Under certain circumstances, it is possible for the system to be delivered next day. This allows one-off tests to take place just days after discovering the test requirement.

The LVTGO-VBS simulates battery and ground voltages commonly found during real-world use cases. Waveforms delivered from the system can be randomised and repeated, substantially broadening possible test coverage.

It helps organisations to address intermittent fault issues that are otherwise difficult to isolate, by doing so in a way that offers broad coverage and is repeatable. This allows any issues to be easily repeated and thoroughly investigated. The unit is therefore helpful to engineers when investigating embedded control issues.

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More information on the LVTGO-VBS is available here.

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