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Switch between vehicle test programs in minutes with Genix Test Unit

Published on 20th February 2018

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An upgrade is now available for our Genix Test Unit to allow firmware changes to take place on the factory floor. 

As each new vehicle model year is introduced, it is of utmost importance to change end-of-line test procedures efficiently to avoid approving faulty equipment.

The Genix Test Unit Diagnostics Software allows engineers on the factory floor to switch between vehicle model years in minutes, resulting in minimal disruption to production.

The diagnostics software is a Windows-based program that can be run from a laptop that is physically connected to the Genix Test Unit, using an appropriate CAN to USB interface. Please get in touch to find out how you can download this software.


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About Genix Test Unit

GTU-REAR_with shadowAutomotive sub-assemblies such as bumpers and spoilers typically contain an array of electronic components, such as parking assist sensors, pedestrian sensors, gesture equipment, fog lamps, telecommunications amplifiers and receivers.

As technology advances, each of these components will evolve, such that sometimes separate engineering revisions come to exist that are incompatible with each other.

The Genix Test Unit provides a means of performing a number of electrical and communications tests on products at assembly stations during manufacture. The system has been designed for testing a range of electronic components within sub-assemblies, such as bumpers and spoilers, at the end of the production line.

As well as substantially decreasing the risk of commercial recalls, the GTU performs its tests in a matter of seconds, decreasing takt time on the production line, resulting in much quicker and efficient testing cycles.

The test unit has a high I/O count supporting a wide range of simultaneous tests and includes PLC interfaces for test control, result capture and handshaking. It’s capable of providing both advanced continuity and functionality testing via LIN, CAN and PSI5 and optional other protocols, such as SENT.

Typically, test results are fed back to the PLC. Custom handheld devices can be provided for monitoring of test results or alternatively, these test results can be monitored via our real-time systems interface creation software, VISUALCONNX, with a custom GUI. The unit can be mounted in a wide variety of locations within the manufacturing environment. Plugable screw terminal blocks for I/O and power are provided with each test unit.

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