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Interfacing to CAN? Watch how to easily analyse CAN Bus messages

Published on 13th March 2018

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If you need to keep your toolbox lightweight, small and yet robust, then COMMDongle interfaces can help. The range is designed for test development engineers or students working in vehicle controls systems.

COMMDongle Pro and Lite

COMMDongle Pro and Lite

Such individuals need convenient and compact communications interfaces, with signed drivers, covering a range of control software and many programming languages. COMMDongle meets
these needs.

COMMDongle units are shipped with CANSurf, which is our own diagnostics tool that runs in parallel with the device to monitor CAN messages. It also comes with a 30-day trial of VISUALCONNX, our real-time systems interface creation software.

CANSurf allows users to monitor, receive, send and log CAN messages on the CAN bus. Advanced features include message filtering, tracking and exporting to CSV. It also has the ability to broadcast messages with time stamps. Performing this range of useful actions and more is made easy with the CANSurf user-friendly interface.

COMMDongle devices support one or more CAN communications buses and are designed to be used quickly and easily across a range of test control applications. They are in use across the automotive, industrial and defence
sectors and assist HIL systems interfacing, bus monitoring and communications data logging.

COMMDongle is ‘plug and play’ and interfacing can begin in minutes. For more information, watch the introduction video below:


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More information on the LVTGO-VBS is available here.

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