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Visit add2 At EMC Fest 2018

Published on 25th April 2018


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We invite all who will be attending the EMC Fest on 10th May 2018  in Livonia, Michigan, to come and join us at our stand. On display will be our LVTGO-VBS and MICROGen products.

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The LVTGO-VBS helps to identify more issues with prototype control modules earlier in the development cycle  by delivering random sequences of voltage waveforms that are close to known failure values, and that can be repeated.

It is able to simulate the effects of engine cranking, harness degradation and long-term battery drain, with profiles to meet key automotive standards such as ISO 16750 and CI265.

Through its use, engineers can improve the compliance of vehicle electrical systems, and improve their electrical robustness.

MICROMICROGen_Right_On_border3 transparentGen allows pre-production embedded control models to be tested within an approximation of production hardware, either in the lab or prototype vehicles.

It is programmed via Matlab Simulink, with model transfer via VISUALCONNX. This software package allows control GUIs to be created without further programming, although scripting can be used if necessary for advanced functionality.

MICROGen speeds up the time between software specification and final ECU, as it allows engineers to develop control code, test it, and amend it quickly in an iterative process.

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add2 is represented in the United States by Spes Development Co. Its representatives will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your low voltage EMC testing and control prototyping requirements.

For further information on EMC Fest 2018, please visit or follow the links below for relevant applications and product information.

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