Dynamic Test Board Vehicle Simulator | DTB

DTB | Dynamic Test Board Vehicle Simulator

The DTB allows you to perform test board verification in a more controlled environment, in a more repeatable manner and at a reduced cost compared to vehicle prototypes or HIL.

The system simulates engine and other dynamic signals, allowing production intent components to be tested as if connected to a real vehicle.

It simulates key vehicle signals including the crankshaft, CAM shaft, wheel speeds, fuel levels and injectors, and is fully Simulink®-programmable.

So, DTB allows you to perform more verification before the prototype phase, reducing the number of prototype vehicles required per development programme.

“add2’s main strength is in innovative and appropriate technology for automotive applications. Simply put, this reduces the work required for the OEM customer to achieve desired test cases.”

Kyaw Kyaw Soe, E/E Core Systems & Software Engineering, Ford Motor Company


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