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Genix distributed I/O

A range of distributed I/O interfaces for use in real-time, hardware-in-the-loop and industrial test systems.

Our distributed I/O interfaces typically include signal generation and measurement DSPs, besides signal conditioning.

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90-way Breakout box

During verification testing of production intent components, it is frequently necessary for engineers to gain physical access...

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H4-PWM – bridge I/O module for closed-loop current control

The H4 PWM bridge I/O module for closed loop current control is designed for distributed...

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H4-SA16-RS2-A – digital & resistive sensor simulation

The H4-SA16-RS2-A unit provides up to 16 differential digital switch sensor simulation channels in a compact...

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CP12-TEE – H3/H4 Tee-piece CAN and power distribution

The Tee-piece CAN and power distribution units are designed to support the construction of simple CAN...

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H3 complex output function distributed I/O module

The H3 complex output function simulator module (H3-GDSP-COF) is an I/O module targeted at test...

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Genix DIN-based I/O expansion units

For distributed and convenient I/O expansion, Genix DIN-based solutions offer a cost-effective and compact range...

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H3 complex input/transducer simulator I/O module

The H3 complex input/transducer simulator module (H3-GDSP-CITF) is an I/O module designed for test applications requiring...

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Genix H3-DDINx4 DIN rail-based I/O units

This base unit is designed to carry up to four Genix H3 modules to support...

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H4 distributed I/O

Stand-alone, special purpose, distributed processing and I/O units for test and measurement applications....

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