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Genix | HIL With Configurable Signal Conditioning

Genix is a range of technologies for hardware-in-the-loop simulation that allow engineers to re-configure and scale test environments quickly as requirements change.

Genix HIL System With Configurable Signal ConditioningControl or plant models can be easily implemented using Simulink®, with all I/O and signal conditioning easily configured in software.

Systems are available from 3U targets racks to full vehicle, utilising special purpose cards such as programmable loads, fault insertion, switching systems and further custom interfaces.

Genix therefore allows a diverse range of HIL systems to be built, then re-purposed efficiently when moving from one vehicle development programme to another.

“We can use software to configure and control our products, and there are some standards integrated with our products. This is very helpful.”

Wang Huishan, Engineer, QTCreate Tech Co. Ltd


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