Low Voltage EMC Standards Tester | LVTGO-VBS

LVTGO-VBS | Low Voltage EMC Standards Tester

The LVTGO-VBS helps you to develop electrical systems that are more robust, and that achieve the necessary industry compliance standards.

The system does this by delivering sequences of voltage waveforms that are close to known failure values, and that can be parameterised, randomised and repeated.

It is able to simulate the effects of engine cranking, harness degradation, conducted noise and long-term battery drain, and includes profiles for standards such as ISO 16750, CI265 and LV124.

So, the LVTGO-VBS helps to identify more issues with prototype control modules throughout the vehicle development cycle.

The Range

An introduction to the LVTGO’s form factors and software.

Product Overview

An overview of the features and uses of the LVTGO-VBS system.

Advanced Features

Including how to deliver CSV voltage profiles to a device.


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