Low Voltage EMC Standards Tester | LVTGO-VBS

LVTGO-VBS | Low Voltage EMC Standards Tester

LVTGO-VBS is a range of low voltage battery simulation units for robustness and EMC standards testing. It helps engineers to meet standards stipulated by a range of manufacturers, such as JLR, Ford, VW, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Key standards the range caters for include ISO 16750, LV 124, GMW 3172, VW 80101 and CI 260, though testing is possible to all major manufacturers’ codes.

Additionally, the range is able to generate stop start voltage, voltage dropout, FTBN and other useful waveforms in a randomised yet repeatable fashion.

The randomisation facility allows engineers to window in on areas of interest, substantially increasing test coverage and resulting in far more robust system design, prior to production.

See the LVTGO-VBS in action:

Getting Started
A quick-start on getting the LVTGO to deliver waveforms in minutes.
The Range
An introduction to the LVTGO’s form factors and software.
Advanced Features
Including how to deliver CSV voltage profiles to a device.



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LVTGO-VBS Low Voltage Standards & Robustness Tester

LVTGO-VBS is a range of low voltage battery simulation test units for EMC standards and...

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