Programmable ECU & CAN Gateway | MICROGen

MICROGen | Programmable ECU & CAN Gateway

MICROGen is a control prototyping hardware and software system. It has a range of uses, including as a communications gateway, during testing and for Rapid Control Prototyping.

It can be used as an interface device from CAN to LIN or CAN to CAN in a laboratory, attribute prototype or automotive mule prototype vehicle.

It is a real-time testing device. MICROGen can function as a virtual ECU, modelled in Simulink, and can integrate physically within prototype vehicles.

The range also simulates automotive communications networks to facilitate the testing of controllers.

Getting Started

Controlling MICROGen with a Simulink model in minutes.

The Range

An introduction to MICROGen hardware and software.

Advanced Features

How a more complex model can increase functionality.


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