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I/O & signal conditioning

Hardware signal conditioning and I/O interfaces for your real-time hardware in the loop needs.

Modular Construction

Rack-based Genix signal conditioning and I/O products are plug-in units that fit in one of our sub-racks using a POD assembly.

The front connections provide the robust conditioned I/O.  The rear connections provide all the HIL I/O connections.

Genix Racks PODs and Modules

Modules fit into PODs, PODs fit into sub-racks


Each plug in unit is called a POD, which consists of a front panel, connector board and carrier for the I/O and signal conditioning modules.

I/O Modules

Each I/O module can perform one or more specific functions. For example the H1-4 Signal Conditioning module provides software-reconfigurable functions allowing Input, Output, Analogue, Digital and Resistive modes, with variable thresholds, gains and drive capability.

See Genix I/O Modules Overview for more information.