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Third-party products

We sell an additional range of diverse and highly capable third-party products, complementing the wider add2 range of products and services. Typical applications include real-time modelling, vehicle dynamics simulation, peripheral specialist hardware and hardware-in-the-loop testing.


Simulink is a block diagram environment enabling simulation and model-based design.

It enables simulation, the automated generation of software code and the testing of embedded control systems.

Simulink is developed by TheMathWorks and is utilised extensively across academia and industry.

add2 also utilises Simulink Real Time, which enables the construction of real-time models for dedicated hardware.

CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim & SuspensionSim

add2 represents a number of products from Mechanical Simulation in the UK, including the above four.

All products offer vehicle dynamics simulation, utilised within real-time and desktop simulation solutions.

They assist engineers to simulate and analyse the behaviour of vehicles under steering, braking and acceleration.

The software can assist with real-time hardware-in-the-loop testing, or as a driving simulator.


Sensodrive products a range of hardware products that assist during the testing process, including force-feedback steering wheels.

SensoDrive Force-feedback Steering WheelThese products allow simulators to transfer the feeling of the road to operators and/or engineers.

The hardware passes torques calculated as part of a simulation directly to the hands of the simulation operator.

Furthermore, this feel is entirely software definable, affecting stiffness, damping and friction.

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