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COMMDongle CAN USB Interface Adapter

COMMDongle USB devices are ultra-compact communications adapters connecting to laptops, tablets and PCs, for test and development purposes.

COMMDongle CAN USB Interface Device

Who is it for?

The COMMDongle range is designed for test and development engineers or students. Such individuals need powerful and compact communications interfaces with fully certified drivers covering a wide range of software, including VISUALCONNX and many programming languages, such as C#, C++, VB.NET and many others.


Increasingly, high performance is no longer the domain of dedicated, stand-alone test systems. Now, mobile applications require the same stringent performance criteria and capability. The COMMDongle range meets this need.

If you are always trying to keep your toolbox lightweight and small and yet robust, then you need COMMDongle interfaces.

Standards are important, which is why you should be using a product that complies fully, for example with CAN definition files. COMMDongle interfaces are compatible with a range of software tools, including VISUALCONNX, for communications monitoring and application development.


  • Bus monitoring
  • Portable diagnostics tools
  • Communications data-logging
  • HIL systems interfaces
  • Bundled products
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Feature matrix

The following table shows the COMMDongle USB products currently available:

COMMDongle CAN USB Interface Features

Highlighted features

Available with a full platform of hardware and supporting software out of the box – along with cables and interfaces, the COMMDongle USB range is swiftly in active use.

VISUALCONNX HMI software is available to monitor and control the CAN bus using one or more CAN databases or VISUALCONNX’s CAN data engine, network or system definition files.

A 30-day trial of VISUALCONNX Full Developer is provided with each COMMDongle purchased.

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