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wiresNot everybody needs the same type of connectivity – our modular cabling supports both generic and application-specific cabling solutions.

We can help you decide on the optimum connectivity solution for your application – we provide help and support to allow you to chose the optimum solution when you use our HIL systems and services.

We have a range of custom cabling solutions to fit most applications.

90-way Breakout Box

Provides access to up to 90 individual signal paths

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90way_tileThe 90-way Breakout Box is a compact, safe and convenient unit that can be easily integrated with existing test systems. The 90-way input and output connectors have been chosen so that, if required, the unit can be removed from the hardware loop easily without any rewiring work.

Genix I/O routers

Interface I/O to one of our Genix racks

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routers_tileDepending on the I/O boards you have chosen, you may need to interface the simulator’s I/O to one of our Genix racks.


H3/H4 Tee-piece CAN and power distribution

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CP12_tileThe Tee-piece CAN and power distribution units are designed to support the construction of simple CAN networks for both H4 and H3 distributed I/O DIN rail units.