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GTU Automotive Production Test Unit

The Genix Test Unit provides a means of performing a number of electrical and communications tests on products at assembly stations during manufacture.

What does it do?

The GTU is a system designed for testing a range of electronic components within sub-assemblies, such as bumpers and spoilers, at the end of the production line.

It can be used to test the following components:

  • GTU Front View

    Genix Test Unit

    Parking assistance sensors

  • Parking distance sensors
  • Gesture sensors
  • Camera sensors
  • Headlamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Internet and telecommunications antennae
  • Pedestrian safety sensors
  • Blind spot sensors

Custom test sequences are available on request.

The test unit has a high I/O count supporting a wide range of simultaneous tests and includes PLC interfaces for test control, result capture and handshaking. It’s capable of providing both advanced continuity and functionality testing via LIN, CAN and PSI5.

It can be mounted in a wide variety of locations within the manufacturing environment. Plugable screw terminal blocks for I/O and power are provided with each test unit. The Genix Sensor Test unit can be used in production line testing in the lab or other industry environment.

Typically, test results are fed back to the PLC. Custom handheld devices can be provided for monitoring of test results. Alternatively, test results can be monitored via our real-time systems interface software, VISUALCONNX.

“You can quite comfortably use the Genix Test Unit, knowing that the tests will be completed correctly.”

Clive Sims, Director, Sims Engineering Ltd. 

How does it do it?

This unit comprises a micro-controller based test system, including instrumentation electronics, power supply, communications test channels, PLC signalling and custom firmware to provide a turn-key solution to performing a number of sequential tests.

Tests are initiated via digital inputs driven from an externally connected PLC. During these tests the outputs of the unit will be driven to indicate a pass or fail condition via solid state, volt-free relay outputs. These tests happen in the matter of seconds, resulting in a short takt time.

At the end of the test an output changes state to indicate test complete to the PLC, which should then confirm whether the item being manufactured has passed all relevant tests.

Example ZIF unit with wiring to military standard connector

Example ZIF unit with wiring to military standard connector

Connection is provided to the unit under test via Zero-Insertion Force (ZIF) units that allow connections to the test system with minimal wear and tear to consumable parts.

ZIF units are available to fit a wide range of automotive standard electrical connectors.

Customised documentation will be provided for your specific test sequences.

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Why is the unit useful?

The GTU allows sub-assemblies to be tested at the end of the line within a production environment, either directly from an assembly station or other test bench. This allows both automotive Tier 1 organisations and OEMs to ensure and correct operation of vehicle electronics throughout the manufacturing process.

This allows organisations to mitigate against the risk of faulty equipment which may potentially cause production line delays or commercial recalls to be initiated in the market place. It can also assist with the manufacture of personalised vehicles which may demand custom modifications of sub assemblies.

Front view of Genix Sensor Test Unit

Rear view of Genix Sensor Test Unit

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