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Genix fault insertion product range

A range of Genix test products with fault insertion capability.

3U Standalone subrack - For FICs Smaller Cropped transparent

Example of a 3U Genix fault insertion system

What is fault insertion?

Fault insertion is the injection of an electrical fault onto one or more I/O lines of a unit being tested, such as an electronic control unit, to ensure the unit under test will survive this fault and operate in a correct manner during and after the fault has been removed.

For a more in-depth look at fault insertion see this application note.

Plug-in boards with fault insertion capability

Genix hardware-in-the-loop solutions offer compact and cost-saving systems for test applications.

Fault insertion boards are available, integrated into the following product types:

  • DSP-based Input/Output boards
  • Signal conditioning boards
  • Stand-alone fault insertion cards (FICs)
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