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Genix H3-DDINx4 DIN rail-based I/O units

This base unit is designed to carry up to four Genix H3 modules to support a wide range of distributed simulation, test and measurement applications.

H3-DDINx4 Rail mounted - Cropped 900wide


The Genix H3-DDINx4 DIN rail-based units are designed for a very wide range of interfacing and testing applications.

These units can carry up to 4 plug-in Genix H3 Intelligent I/O modules per DDIN unit, normally supplied pre-fitted.

Designed to be conveniently distributed around test systems, such as hardware-in the-loop test systems or Dynamic Test Boards, these modules offer some of the widest interfacing capabilities available in the market today.

DSP firmware

H3 DSP-based modules allow for firmware updates to be installed via the distributed I/O bus, using the reflash tool.

This allows for new DSP firmware to be supplied and new features to be added without altering the hardware.

Genix DSP configuration GUI

A configuration GUI is normally supplied with each system based on the VISUALCONNX run-time.

This GUI supports a channel-by-channel configuration, allowing all hardware and logical configuration types supported by the fitted I/O modules.

H3 configuration GUI


VISUALCONNX configuration GUI for H3

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