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Genix modular cabling solutions

Not everybody needs the same type of connectivity – our modular cabling supports both generic and application-specific cabling solutions.

Choose your connectivity:

Flexible modular connectivity

Many applications work best with flexible connectivity solutions, in which the I/O is routed to connections with consistent I/O mappings. This allows signals to be allocated using configuration tools (for example HCU, the HIL configuration tool) and model-based I/O mappings.

Modular Connectivity - Side Panel

Modular Connectivity – Side Panel


In some cases it may make sense to allocate the wiring so it is fixed to one application, for example when the wiring is likely to remain unchanged for the life of the HIL system, or where many special purpose boards demand specific wiring solutions.

Application Specific Wiring Example

Application Specific Wiring Example

Which is best?

We can help you decide on the optimum connectivity solution for your application – we provide help and support to allow you to chose the optimum solution when you use our HIL systems and services.

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