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Genix Target

This unit is the first of a new range offering an all-in-one-solution for integrating PC chassis and signal conditioning cards within a single rack-based solution.

Front Perpective View - Cards Fitted - Cropped Genix Target

They are built around standard PC hardware and provide motherboard, processor, memory, power supply and PCI/PCIe slots for integration with many specialist I/O cards in a single chassis.

This minimises the complexity involved in connecting small-scale HIL projects. Because Genix offers signal conditioning that is re-configurable in software, the number of I/O required can be simplified. These units can be easily re-purposed for different testing requirements.

By supporting a number of different vendors, we can offer the widest range of I/O boards possible, which seamlessly interface with Genix signal conditioning and intelligent I/O. Integrated fault insertion, available through the Genix range, reduces the complexity of implementing fault automation.

For the widest range of compatibility with externally connected hardware, ruggedized replaceable screw terminal blocks are provided for all signal conditioning cards. When it is necessary to extend the I/O of the system, the generous number of interface slots – with the scalability of Genix – makes this simple.

Targets can be configured with our HCU (HIL Configuration Utility) software, and is fully compatible with Simulink® Real-Time™. They can also be expanded for equally size-efficient but larger systems, with additional racks. Target expansion also allows for an increased number of PCI/PCIe or Genix slots to be integrated.

Genix Targets can be used for standalone testing, or can be integrated within third-party HIL systems.

  • All-in-one solution for plant model simulation and I/O provision
  • Can be used within HIL racks for plant model simulation onlyPCI Target Cropped with power on trans bg
  • Includes motherboard, processor, memory, power supply and I/O expansion slots
  • Up to 4.5 GHz, 32GB memory
  • Target I/O selectable from Genix I/O range
  • Maximum of 160 I/O (standalone)
  • More I/O possible through PCIe expansion
  • Maximum of 5 slots in single rack (expandable)


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