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H1-4 ultra flexible signal conditioning modules

The HIL H1-4 I/O modules are fully configurable signal conditioning I/O modules designed for ‘hardware-in-the loop’ applications.

H1-4 SC Module - Small Cropped

H1-4 ultra flexible signal conditioning module


Type 4 modules are particularly appropriate for systems in which the I/O specification is likely to change (such as a digital output line to digital input line), or where the system may be reconfigured to cover a range of test scenarios which involve significant low level I/O changes.

Functional overview

Utilising our patented Genix technology, H1-4 modules are configured using the Genix configuration utility to support a wide variety of typical hardware-in-the-loop requirements, such as measuring or simulating switches in a vehicle and reading or simulating transducer signals.


UThe H1-4 range are ultra flexible signal conditioning interface modules, configurable from software. Features include:

  • Analogue input with adjustable gains
  • Digital input with adjustable thresholds
  • Analogue output
  • Digital output (configurable output stage)
  • Resistance simulation (wide range)
  • Configurable pull-up or pull-down
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