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H1-LINSWF LIN switch card with fault insertion

The LIN Switch board is a 16-channel configurable LIN grouping and switching board with fault insertion capabilities.

H1 LIN Switch Card with Fault insertion

H1 LIN switch card with fault insertion


Each board is compatible with add2 HIL racks, occupying three slots and supporting up to 16 incoming LIN buses, which may be daisy-chained (via the LIN routers), to allow large-scale LIN networks to be built.


The LIN channels may be controlled from the HCU PC configuration software, the configuration CAN bus, RS485 or via daisy-chained external I/O lines to open-circuit each LIN bus.

Fault insertion

Fault modes may be applied manually from the configuration GUI, via COM for automation purposes or via the configuration bus.

Grouping and routing

Grouping/routing of LIN signals for each LIN ECU connection is achieved by a short plug-to-plug connection at the front of the LINSWF.

Basic control mode

In basic external control mode, one digital input line is used to enable each channel’s source LIN bus, allowing you to switch between a simulated or real ECU connection.

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