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H1-RELAY-A – 8 channel high current relay card

The H1-RELAY-A boards are fixed relay signal conditioning boards used for relay and switch simulation.

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H1-RELAY-A – 8 channel relay card

Functional overview

This board contains all driver and protection circuitry to deliver 8 change-over relay contacts at the front of the board, driven from the rear hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) I/O connections.

Additionally, the board supports an optional advanced feature plug-in board for DSP control.

Protection and status

The board is fully protected against short circuits or overloads and displays when an overload condition occurs on the front panel LEDs.

The protection automatically resets after the overload condition has been removed.

The ‘NO’ contacts are rated at 11A continuous current.

In addition, the LEDs display the relay drive status.


The contacts at the front panel are electrically isolated from the HIL I/O lines by at least 30V.

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