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H3 intelligent I/O modules

I/O interface hardware with a virtually limitless range of interface types.

Have you ever wished to simply add a small piece of test kit to generate or measure a signal regardless of the signal type? Well that’s what you can do with the H3 I/O module range.


H3-DSP-COF Module

Used in PODs

Used in PODs


H3-DSP-CITF Module

Distributed DIN unit

Distributed DIN unit


How is this done?

Using our Genix technology in conjunction with a powerful DSP, interfacing with both the front end ‘real-world’ I/O and the rear HIL I/O to the DSP, a large range of measurement and generation options are available.

The basic hardware provides programmable gains, thresholds, resistances, current measurement and generation plus digital and frequency I/O, along with an angle engine for angle-based generation and measurement.

Additional features are then provided via firmware upgrades, as required.

How it is used

Genix I/O modules are available in either distributed I/O form or rack-based formats.

Where is H3 used?

The H3 I/O module range has been designed to fulfill a wide range of I/O requirements, from the simplest to the most complex. Built on patented products used in our software reconfigurable signal conditioning products and backed up by fast DSP technology, this range can handle almost anything.

Crankshaft sensor angle simulation

The modules are designed to simulate the outputs from engine crankshaft missing tooth sensors.

There is generally a single crankshaft on an engine and the H3 modules can use this as the master angle from which all channels are referenced.

Thus the H3 output is an angular output, and can be set as the master clock source for all channels within a ‘team’ of H3 modules, allowing all other channels within the team to be controlled from the same angle source.

Camshaft sensor dimulation

The modules are also designed to simulate the outputs from an engine’s camshaft sensors.

In modern engine design, there tends to be complex geometry involved in the camshaft profiles to ensure fuel and exhaust valves work towards achieving both maximum power and minimum fuel usage. In addition, multiple camshafts are used to support the number of valves required.

The H3 camshaft simulation outputs can be configured to simulate both the desired sensor pulse duration angle and the phase shift from any other cam or crankshaft signal.

By making use of the teaming features within the H3 carrier, up to 7 camshaft sensors and one crankshaft can be supported.

Crank and 4 CAMS - Small

Example of a 4 CAM and crankshaft sensor output configuration

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Resistance simulation

Resistance sensors are used in many different places in modern automotive design, ranging from heating controls, temperature sensors and position sensors through to fuel level sensors.

Genix H3 resistive sensors provide a robust wide ranging and accurate resistive sensors on each module.

The resistance can be changed in real-time supporting driving scenarios in systems like the Dynamic Test Boards (DTB) for fuel sensor simulation, engine temperature and manifold pressure simulation and other sensors, as required.

H3 resistive sensors are designed to be significantly higher power than off-the-shelf IC solutions, making them more suitable for vehicle applications.

For even higher power, consider the programmable load boards.

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Current input and output

H3 modules also support current input for analogue and digital current measurements. Some modules are able to generate currents.

H3 configuration and control

Using the VISUALCONNX configuration application, the intelligent I/O modules can be configured as required for your application using an intuitive interface.

Once all the channels are configured you can then export a CAN database to allow a real-time simulator or similar system to monitor or control the I/O.

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