High Capability I/O RCP Board | MICROGen Rainbow

MICROGen Rainbow Expansion: High Capability I/O RCP Board

The MICROGen ‘Rainbow’ expansion board is a high-end plug-in board for MICROGen, offering high I/O count expansion capability with Genix capability on many of the I/O lines.

MICROGen Rainbow Expansion High Volume I/O Board

Why ‘Rainbow’?

The stack board ‘Rainbow’ is so called due to the high volume of complex I/O provided by the board.

It is easier to describe functional groups of I/O by colour than it is by using an accurate description of the functions.


There are many enhanced I/O types available when using the Rainbow I/O, including…

  Isolated ultra high current bridge drivers
  Optically isolated analogue outputs (drive-by-wire applications)
    Enhanced high resolution analogue inputs
    Timer processor I/O (PWM and frequency I/O, quadrature Sensors)
  Additional analogue inputs
  Additional sensor reference supplies

Further expansion

Do you need even more facilities or prefer a distributed I/O expansion solution?  Then try our H3 DIN-based I/O expansion modules to support adding almost limitless complex I/O functions.

Driver libraries

All Simulink driver blocks for the Rainbow expansion board are included in the MICROGen 5xx productivity toolbox.

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