Low Voltage Standards & Robustness Tester | LVTGO-VBS

LVTGO-VBS Low Voltage Standards & Robustness Tester

LVTGO-VBS is a range of low voltage battery simulation test units for EMC standards and robustness testing.

LVTGO-VBS Low Voltage EMC Standards & Robustness Tester Range


Who is it for?

Have you ever had reports of unexplained intermittent functional errors from your customers, and would you like to track these down?

LVTGO-VBS units are aimed at test and qualification engineers looking to test to low voltage test standards and to improve overall system robustness.


When looking to test electronic components, such as control units, the ability to create parametrised voltage profiles for testing is essential – the LVT range is supplied with many pre-defined profiles to meet standards requirements.

If you want the very best test coverage, you should test at all stages of the design process. The LVT range is designed to test from prototype design stages right through to complete vehicle tests, using either standards or your own voltage profiles.

What if you could then add predictably random variations to allow you to ‘window in’ on areas such as low battery voltages or engine cranking waveforms?

Don’t risk your brand reputation using one-off in-house test boxes: rely on a system proven in the field to find these failures.


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LVTGO-VBS videos

We have compiled a selection of videos showing the LVTGO-VBS hardware and software in use.

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Available with a mature platform of hardware and software out-of-the-box, along with cables and interfaces, the LVTGO-VBS is up and running in no time.

Windows software is provided to monitor and control the tests using a range of pre-defined profiles or via your own captured data.

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