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New MICROGen Simulink target blockset

Sometime very soon, we’re planning something very special for MICROGen. add2 is planning to launch a new Simulink target blockset, building on the feedback provided by customers over recent years.

The new blockset includes support for GCC and other low cost compilers.

It can also support all versions of MATLAB, from R2012a onwards.

As well as this, it supports our latest MG565 MICROGen hardware, and paves the way for new high performance processors due later this year.


About MICROGen

Our MICROGen product is a control prototyping hardware and software system with use as a communications gateway and a real-time target, and is programmable using MATLAB Simulink. It is in wide use across the automotive sector.

MICROGen systems currently consist of two elements. Firstly, the MICROGen 565 hardware. Secondly, the MICROGen Productivity Toolbox, which contains all software necessary to utilise the system: the MICROGen Simulink Blockset plus VISUALCONNX Full Developer, our real time systems interface creation package.

The optional Cloud expansion board allows for current measurement of each PWM channel, while the optional Rainbow expansion board offers high I/O count expansion. A touch screen interface is also available.


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