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PODS and cards with fault insertion

If you are looking to induce faults on the unit under test in your hardware-in-the-loop test system, we have a wide range of boards available.

Type of plug-in cards that support fault insertion

There are a number of special purpose boards that offer special purpose switching, such as the LINSWF and CANSWF boards, that also support fault insertion. In addition, there is a range of PODs that also support fault insertion by adding an additional fault insertion board adjacent to the Genix carrier.

What is a Genix POD?

Genix ‘PODs’ are plug-in boards that comprise two or more circuit boards to maximise the use of the space within a sub-rack.

Typically a POD will have a front board with status LEDs, robust convenient terminations and sockets for the Genix plug-in modules.

1 to 16 Genix I/O modules may be installed as required, supporting up to 16 differential channels or 32 single-ended channels per POD.

PODs with product codes ending in ‘F’ are those supporting integrated fault insertion hardware.

The PODs that support fault insertion integrated onto the plug in board are the DGF and DGELF.

DGFDifferential Genix with Fault Insertion. DGELFDifferential Genix with External Load and  Fault Insertion.

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