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MICROGen RCP & Gateway Controller

MICROGen is a set of software and hardware for Rapid Control Prototyping, test and gateway applications using Simulink packaged into a small, rugged, easy-to-fit unit.

MICROGen systems consist of two elements. Firstly, the MICROGen 565 hardware. Secondly, the flexiTARGET Productivity Toolbox, which contains all software necessary to utilise the system: the flexiTARGET Simulink Target Support Package (TSP) plus VISUALCONNX Full Developer, our real time systems interface creation package.

The optional Cloud expansion board allows for current measurement of each PWM channel, while the optional Rainbow expansion board offers high I/O count expansion. A touch screen interface is also available.

Who is it for?

MICROGen is designed for engineers who want to focus on their testing and development by using Simulink for real-time test and simulation.

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Suitable from one-offs through to fleets of test vehicles, the extremely competitive cost and re-usability of MICROGen is hard to ignore.

By being able to be fit into tight spaces with no necessity for additional hardware, MICROGen can be deployed exactly where you want.

With no need to learn challenging tools you can complete projects faster, allowing you to move on to bigger and better things.

With a complete suite of software available to develop, execute and calibrate your application, efficiency is the key to MICROGen.


Vehicle integration, control strategy development, infotainment testing, CAN or LIN bus gateways, CAN ‘restbus’ simulation, mechanical system controllers.


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Highlighted features

Available with a mature platform of drivers and supporting software out-of-the-box, along with cables and interfaces, MICROGen is up and running in no time.

VISUALCONNX HMI software is available to monitor and control your application and if you wish, a range of touch screens are available for application specific deployment.

Using MICROGen’s state-of-the-art re-configurable hardware, every application is quick and cost-effective.

Unlike many boxes aimed at in-vehicle test and development, MICROGen 5xx contains all signal conditioning built-in, using less space and costing less than competitive offerings.

Powerful enough to fulfil a huge range of applications, MICROGen has both the software and hardware necessary to be deployed wherever you need.

Compatibility and re-programming

The entire MICROGen 5xx range is capable of being programmed for RAM or flash memory, simply by being re-flashed via CCP (CAN calibration protocol) from a standardised tool, such as VISUALCONNX or the Embedded Target download tool from The MathWorks.

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