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VISUALCONNX Real-time Systems Interfacing Software

The VISUALCONNX range of products comprises Microsoft Windows hosted graphical user interface software, primarily designed for connecting to real-time hardware and software.

Who is it for?

VISUALCONNX is designed for test engineers, developers and systems engineers who will be using or building graphical user interfaces (GUIs), allowing interfacing to real-time systems for the purposes of testing, measuring or logging parameters and signals from the target system.

Using intuitive mouse-driven drag-and-drop editing, you can quickly connect your real-time interface to CAN, Simulink Real-Time or MICROGen RCP hardware.

Licenses are available for different levels of users: Run-time users, GUI development or calibration engineers and developers aiming to create fully deployable real-time applications using scripting, intending to distribute ‘packages’ for other users.

By simply dragging and dropping the toolbar icons onto the screen, the user control elements are ready to use.

Then, simply dragging the link from the hierarchical connection tree will associate that user control with the real-time connection’s parameter, signal, input or output.

See it in action…

VISUALCONNX Real-Time Hardware Interface GUI Setup

Drag and Drop GUI (Click to zoom)

It’s very easy to produce screens using standard windows controls:

VISUALCONNX Real Time System Interface GUI Basic Automotive Dashboard

Basic dashboard


But with a little more effort you can produce screens that are both functional and beautiful:

VISUALCONNX Real-time Hardware Interface Package Advanced Automotive Dashboard

Beautiful dashboard

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