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DTB Test Board Vehicle Powertrain Simulator

DTB Dynamic Test Board Vehicle Simulator Photoadd2’s dynamic test board vehicle powertrain simulator, ‘DTB-01-565’, is one of a new kind of test board simulators.

It is designed specifically to deliver improved levels of functional testing at the breadboard, lab-car, yellow-board or plywood buck design phases.

“add2 is customer focused and the engineering capability has been proven in the delivery of the DTB simulators.”

Kyaw Kyaw Soe, E/E Core Systems & Software Engineering, Ford Motor Company

What is traditional breadboard or lab-car testing?

During the design lifecycle of a vehicle, at some stage it is necessary to put together a system that uses real parts – such as switches, actuators, electronic control units and the intended wiring harness – to allow functional debugging and testing to be performed.

This important stage exists to try to resolve system integration and software issues prior to building prototype vehicles.

Prototype vehicles are a very costly investment, meaning test boards offer a lower-cost test platform.

Automotive Test Board Setup Example

Example of traditional testboard

How does the DTB improve on traditional breadboard or lab-car testing?

Dynamic Test Board simulators can dramatically improve on traditional breadboard testing by including aspects that can normally only be performed on prototype vehicles. For example by enabling:

  • Engine running scenarios
  • Driving scenarios
  • User interface and driver controls testing
  • Real I/O stimulation for missing parts
  • Electrical robustness testing, such as cranking
  • Quiescent current investigations
  • Test Automation

All these advantages allow testing to be performed earlier in the design lifecycle and can reduce the number of real prototype vehicles required.

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Available with a mature platform of hardware and supporting software out of the box – along with cables and interfaces, the DTB is up and running in no time.

A pre-built GUI is provided to configure the vehicle specific information, to monitor the system and to control the tests in open or closed loop driving modes.

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