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Modelling Services

Are you looking to specify microcontrollers for real-time simulation requirements, migrate existing simulation models to new or more enhanced hardware, or develop additional control functionality using MATLAB Simulink®?HIL model

We can work with your team on-site or from our headquarters to:

• Gather requirements, specify and source key hardware

• Produce drivers and Simulink® TSPs to support a wealth of systems

• Develop models capable of simulating individual ECMs and sub-systems

…up to and including the creation of Simulink® models to simulate complete vehicle sub-domains.


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Our expertise:

  • icon_SLBuild new Simulink® models
  • icon_swapSLEnhance existing models
  • icon_migrateMigrate between targets
  • icon_dashboardBuild user interfaces
  • icon_SILSoftware-in-the-loop

Example project:

touchscreen_transparentIn order to improve the level of comfort and functionality for the end customer, and to reduce development costs, many vehicle manufacturers are choosing to move some vehicle controls from physical switches to a central touchscreen console.

We can help HMI and user experience teams with this research through the production of reprogrammable control systems that can accept incoming touchscreen commands and communicate over automotive protocols such as LIN and CAN, or directly with actuators.

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