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We offer a range of engineering consultancy services to organisations requiring embedded controls systems development and testing – we’re even able to produce systems for custom requirements. Our engineers are available to work on a daily or weekly basis, either on-site or from add2’s laboratory.

From requirements capture, to vehicle prototype, add2 can assist throughout the development cycle, whether this be specifying PCBs, components, firmware or software, or generating build manuals, BOMS and performing low-volume production runs.

Using our vast network of specialist suppliers, we can manufacture a huge range of embedded systems products to meet multiple, complex requirements.

Embedded Systems Design

We help you to create & manufacture powerful embedded systems

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Are you looking to design or implement appropriate hardware for an embedded system, design or implement appropriate firmware for an embedded system, or create powerful and ergonomic control software or graphical interfaces?

We can work with your team on-site or from our headquarters to produce schematics, bills of materials and build manuals for your systems. We can also author, install and configure firmware to ensure reliable functionality, or construct embedded software to deliver easy control, test, logging and analysis.

Embedded Systems Integration

We help you to expand and connect test technologies

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Are you looking to augment existing embedded systems development or test setups, resolve otherwise incompatible simulation equipment, or migrate between test or development technologies?

We can work with your team on site or from our headquarters to add test automation, vehicle dynamics simulation and other functionality. We can also provide custom gateway systems, enhancing communications, or advise on complementary test technologies, including third-party systems.

Modelling Services

We help you to build and refine Simulink® models for HIL or RCP

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Are you looking to specify microcontrollers for real-time simulation requirements, migrate existing simulation models to new or enhanced hardware, or develop additional control functionality using MATLAB Simulink®?

We can work with your team on-site or from our headquarters to gather requirements, specify and source key hardware. We can also produce drivers and Simulink® TSPs to support a wealth of systems, or develop models capable of simulating individual ECMs and sub-systems.

“Communication with add2 was very positive and very clear at all times.”

Nick Towers, Manufacturing Group Leader, Plastic Omnium | Read the full case study here