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Embedded Systems Integration

Are you looking to augment existing embedded systems development or test setups, resolve otherwise incompatible simulation equipment, or migrate between test or development technologies?

We can work with your team on site or from our headquarters to:

• Add test automation, vehicle dynamics simulation and other functionality

• Provide custom gateway systems, enhancing communications

• Advise on complementary test technologies, including third-party systems

Up to and including the commissioning of complete vehicle or sub-domain hardware-in-the-loop systems.


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Our expertise:

  • Resolve incompatible systems
  • Automate test processes
  • Enhance test processes
  • Migrate between targets
  • Increase product robustness

Example project:

At the verification stage, testing for automotive electrical and electronics systems and components is conducted using yellowboards. As the test environment is within the lab, yellowboards lack basic dynamic signalling such as wheel speed, crankshaft, fuel levels and injectors, etc. This limits the testing that can be carried out.

We can help improve the yellowboard environment by enabling more complex testing scenarios, by simulating or stimulating wheel speed, sensors, fuel consumption etc. You can execute complete virtual journeys using dynamic signals to allow the vehicle systems to operate more realistically.

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