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Modelling Services

Are you looking to specify microcontrollers for real-time simulation requirements, migrate existing simulation models to new or enhanced hardware, or develop additional control functionality using MATLAB Simulink®?

We can work with your team on-site or from our headquarters to:

• Gather requirements, specify and source key hardware

• Produce drivers and Simulink® TSPs to support a wealth of systems

• Develop models capable of simulating individual ECMs and sub-systems

Up to and including the creation of Simulink® models to simulate complete vehicle sub-domains.


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Our expertise:

  • Build new Simulink® models
  • Enhance existing models
  • Migrate between targets
  • Build user interfaces
  • Software-in-the-loop

Example project:

As vehicle designs become increasingly more complex, one element that has changed is the integration of more physical switches to touchscreen interfaces.

It is possible for us to create a custom Simulink® model using flexiTARGET, which we be housed within a MICROGen unit attached to a touchscreen. This setup can accept user commands via the touchscreen, which then communicates over LIN replicating the signalling of a range of vehicle switchpacks. This allows human machine interface testing of control of auxiliary vehicle functionality via a touchscreen.

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