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GDSP GUI version 4.2 released

Published on 3rd April 2017

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add2 is pleased to announce the release of an update to our GDSP HIL GUI, for Sens-X and our other distributed I/O products.

GDSP: Version 4.2 
A host of new features have been added to upgrade the GDSP (Genix Digital Signal Processor) interface. Changes range from adding further options for current graph scaling to providing easier access to help documentation on every screen.

Generally, the interface provides more feedback for the user during testing, and is easier to navigate than previous releases. Besides the improvements for fuses, an improved Genix CITF and Genix COF configuration form is included in this latest release. There are also a wealth of smaller changes.

Sens-X is a range of automotive current measurement smartfuses, which can be plugged directly into the fuse box, fuse holder or similar receptacles for diagnostic current measurement testing. The GDSP GUI runs in our real-time systems interface creation and control software, VISUALCONNX. It allows each Sens-X smartfuse to be monitored and configured to broadcast data onto CAN using streaming. The GDSP GUI allows for quick and easy configuration of all Sens-X and Genix H3 hardware. It can be used for logging, or as an ongoing test and diagnostic tool.

CITF (Complex Input/Transducer Function simulator module) is an I/O module designed for test applications requiring functions biased towards input measurement or single-ended voltage, current or resistance sensor simulations.

COF (Complex Output Function simulator module) is an I/O module targeted at test applications requiring functions biased towards output generation or single-ended voltage or current sensor simulations.

Previous updates to Sens-X include the release of high response and high sensitivity smartfuses which can be seen in more detail here.

Support and upgrade service (SUS) customers may be eligible to receive upgrades. For more information please click here.

Sens-X GDSP software is available either on disc, or via the Sens-X downloads section of this website.


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