Production Testing Vehicle Sub-Assemblies In Automotive And Aerospace

Production testing

Special testing applications in manufacturing

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Man operating embedded system

Complex products, such as vehicles, often have sub-assemblies within the overall system that are important but hard to test after completion of the whole product.

The requirement for testing at this stage may come about for a number of reasons, such as the difficulty involved in replacing the item at a later manufacturing stage, ease of access during later manufacturing stages or the requirement for calibration in situ.

The challenges involved in testing airbags

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Airbag testing module PCB diagram

Airbags are notoriously difficult to test during manufacture due to the significant risk of detonation of the device during the process of testing.

By using ultra low current measurement techniques with fail-safe measurement hardware, it is possible to provide industrial units programmed to interface with your production line that are pre-programmed to take measurements at the appropriate time and flag up out of limit measurements.

PSI5-based pedestrian sensor testing

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PED sensor test system circuit diagram

PSI5 is an open standard based on an existing standard used in airbag sensors. These sensors have been used in their millions and carry an attractive implementation price when adopting new sensor types.

It is important to ensure these sensors are correctly fitted and will respond correctly in the event of an impact, as many of the PSI5 sensors are targeted at pedestrian safety applicati

Applications for advanced continuity testing

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Automotive sub-assembly electronics test equipment

Continuity testing is often used to ensure parts are correctly connected during manufacture of sub-assemblies, prior to final assembly, to reduce final test rework issues.

In the case of advanced continuity testing, certain tests may also be performed on top of basic electrical circuit continuity checking, such as powering up ECUs to check for correct operational draw.

Custom test solutions

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Selection of custom electronics test equipmentWe can draw on our broad depth of knowledge and decades of experience to help you specify a system that will meet your testing requirements.

Using our existing technologies such as GenixMICROGen and a range of specialised hardware used for industrial test solutions, we can provide you with what you want as quickly as possible.

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