Verification Testing & Validation Testing Key Concepts & Applications

Verification testing

In-vehicle current measurement

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In-fuse current measurement system

There are a number of reasons for investigating current draw in a vehicle. ECUs can have functional issues for a number of reasons such as software glitches, hardware failures, load variations, cold weather conditions and mechanical wear.

Measuring the current to one or a small number of ECUs is a useful technique that can be employed to identify system issues, especially during power-down sequences.

Test automation applications

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Test automation artistic diagram

Test automation is a powerful and effective way to save time during testing. There are a number of levels at which test automation may be implemented, depending on your needs.

Often, at its simplest level, test automation may involve writing simple scripts to repeatedly run and evaluate tests. By creating scripts that are repeatable, it is possible to repeat these tests at a future point to see whether system performance has changed. This is known as regression testing.

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