How To Assemble Automotive Electronics Consistently

How to Assemble Automotive Electronics Consistently

Published on 12th December 2018

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If you assemble automotive electronics within bumpers, spoilers and door modules, you need to ensure they are assembled correctly each time. This includes a check to ensure the harness has been assembled correctly, but also that is contains the correct engineering revision of components. The Genix Test Unit can help with this.

add2 is happy to announce the release of a series of introductory videos for the Genix Test Unit, our automotive sub-assembly testing system. This system is used during production of vehicle bumpers and spoilers allowing engineers to ensure components of the correct engineering revision are present and that they are functioning as designed.

It therefore allows automotive Tier One suppliers to manufacture consistent sub-assemblies and avoid passing incorrect components down the production line.

The three videos in this series will introduce you to the Genix Test Unit range, with tutorials showing you how easy it is to set up and get started using the unit.

By watching these videos you will get a hands-on insight into the hardware and software that make up the system, as well as the test capabilities and advanced features that will help you verify electrical components and mitigate against the risk of delivering faulty equipment.

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About Genix Test Unit

GTU in operation, at SIMS Engineering

GTU in operation, at SIMS Engineering

The Genix Test Unit helps engineers to assemble automotive electronics, ensuring that the correct components are present, of the correct engineering revision and that they function as designed.

The system tests the presence and functionality of electrical components immediately after manufacture, following instructions given by the PLC of the assembly station.

Common devices tested include parking sensors, gesture sensors, PED sensors, cameras and lamps within vehicle bumpers, spoilers and door modules.

So, GTU helps vehicle sub-assembly manufacturers to verify electrical components and mitigate against the risk of delivering faulty equipment.

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More information on the Genix Test Unit is available here.

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