Touch Screen Support Available For MICROGen

Touch Screen support available for MICROGen

Published on 23rd October 2018

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MICROGen reprogrammable controller plus touch screen

Whilst working in a testing environment, a PC or a laptop is not always the fastest, easiest or safest way to interact with a device under test.

Touchscreens have shown to be more efficient and intuitive to use, allowing quick access to key controls. As well as being more accessible, touchscreen interfaces can be developed in a surprisingly short timescale

Add2 is happy to announce touch screen support for our programmable ECU and CAN gateway, MICROGen through an optional add-on to our flexiTARGET TSP (Target Support Package).

This allows users to develop custom graphical interfaces and use them to interact in real time with the model running inside the MICROGen.

GUIs are created using a standalone software package based upon templates provided by add2. Transfer of the designed GUI is achieved by serial link or SD card. Real-time communication between the touchscreen and the MICROGen occurs via RS232 at up to 115.2 Kbaud.

This makes it quick and easy to directly interface with a model loaded in the MICROGen, and change or view key variables as tests take place.


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About MICROGenMICROGen Simulink programmable controller on site

The MICROGen allows you to develop control models, test them, and make amendments quickly in an iterative process. This allows for efficient Rapid Control Prototyping or gateway implementation.

MICROGen allows Simulink® control models to be implemented including real-world re-configurable I/O. VISUALCONNX then allows control GUIs to be quickly created, and displayed via touch screen support if required.

It offers 5 CAN ports, 2 LIN ports, on-board logging support and a maximum of 115 on-board discrete I/O.

So, MICROGen is a powerful, reusable tool that speeds up the embedded controls development process or helps to resolve incompatible networks.

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More information on the MICROGen is available here.

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