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The flexiTARGET Target Support Package allows you to build Simulink® models for a growing range of real-time hardware; allowing easier upgrade to more advanced processors.flexiTARGET Generic Simulink target support package logo

The package enables you to target Simulink® models to your chosen microcontroller, and can evolve alongside different microcontrollers without the need to redesign the control model.

If offers support for GCC and other low-cost compilers, the latest versions of MATLAB and microcontrollers including the NXP MPC565, Microchip PIC32MZ and TI HerculesTM TMS570. Bespoke package support is also available.

This results in a smoother development cycle, more unified models and much easier support for custom embedded hardware.


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Technical overview:

MICROGen Simulink programmable controller plus model, GUI and hardwareThe flexiTARGET Simulink® Target Support Package (TSP) allows engineers to target their models for a range of real-time hardware.

Users can target Simulink® models to their chosen microcontroller, which provides compatibility with a theoretically limitless selection of real-time hardware. 

flexiTARGET is provided as part of the flexiTARGET Productivity Toolbox. This provides all I/O driver libraries, GUI and supporting applications to enable real-time models to be generated with Simulink® coder from The MathWorks.

 flexiTARGET example blocksSmooth development cycle

Models are built quickly and can be downloaded to target hardware in seconds.


DVD inserted into computerModel portability

Move models from hardware to hardware, without the need for redevelopment.


Example microcontrollerModel adaptability

flexiTARGET can support multiple hardware targets and therefore multiple microcontrollers.

The versatility of flexiTARGET allows you to no longer worry about hardware becoming obsolete. It can evolve alongside different microcontrollers, without the need to redesign your control model or change blocks. This results in a smoother development cycle, and easier support for custom hardware.

Key benefits of flexiTARGET include:

• Support for GCC and other low-cost compilers

• Support of the latest MATLAB versions

• Support of our latest MG565 MICROGen hardware

flexiTARGET is adaptable and can support multiple hardware targets, supporting the facility to run the same model on different systems as multiple target configurations. Control models can be easily moved and adapted for more capable systems in line with the developing complexity of the model itself.

This can occur if the user requires a greater number or more capable I/O, or enhanced processing capability to improve the tick rate of the model.

Additional microcontroller families will be support by substantial I/O target libraries.

Hardware support

Further example microcontrollerCurrently, microcontrollers supported include MPC565, PIC32MZ, SAM70/71 and TI RM57Lx.

flexiTARGET can be adapted to support any microcontroller family, meaning there’s no need to purchase specific targets, as requirements develop. Engineers are able to use the same TSP and Simulink® I/O libraries and quickly use them with different targets.

flexiTARGET consists of a number of target Simulink® driver libraries, supporting on-board and additional CAN interfaces, LIN drivers, extended high-bandwidth RS232 features, data logging and non-volatile support, along with support for many other common automotive protocols.

Software support

Example vehicle dashboard in VISUALCONNXflexiTARGET is written from the ground up to support open source compilers such as GCC and Diab.

add2 provides a pre-built GNU toolchain for Embedded PowerPC which is available on CD or can be downloaded from here. Having a pre-built GNU toolchain enables users to have their systems up and running quickly and easily, as well as reducing the overall cost of the compiler. Support for the toolchain can be provided by add2.

The latest versions of MATLAB are supported, as well as our real-time systems interface creation software, VISUALCONNX, for downloading models and creating GUIs.

If you’re a controls engineer…

PCB under repairCompatibility can be achieved for a theoretically limitless selection of targets, allowing for more future-proof developments.

If you need model development services, add2 can provide this to organisations for their RCP or HIL requirements. If you’re interested in this, please get in touch.

If you’re a manufacturer of microcontrollers…

We can produce customised targets for specific microcontroller families. With development, flexiTARGET can target theoretically any microcontroller.

add2 can increase your customer base by targeting your model of microcontroller, for a range of control development applications. For more information, please also get in touch. 



MATLAB compatibility
  Build 32-bit & 64-bit
  Releases R2011b, R2012a, R2012b, R2013a, R2013b, R2014a, R2014b, R2016a, R2016b, R2017a, R2017b, R2018a
Model download VISUALCONNX, CCP
Microcontroller support NXP MPC565, Microchip PIC32MZ, TI Hercules™ TMS570
Compilers GCC, Diab
Windows support XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10
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