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GTU | Automotive Production Test Unit

The GTU vehicle bumper electronics tester helps engineers to ensure that the correct components are present, of the correct engineering revision and that they function as designed.

The system tests the presence and functionality of electrical components immediately after manufacture, following instructions given by the PLC of the assembly station.

Common devices tested include parking sensors, gesture sensors, PED sensors, cameras and lamps. The system can also test spoilers and door modules.

So, GTU helps vehicle sub-assembly manufacturers to verify electrical components and mitigate against the risk of delivering faulty equipment.

The Range
An introduction to the Genix Test Unit’s hardware and software.
Product Overview
An overview of the features and uses of the Genix Test Unit.
Advanced Features
Including how the Genix Test Unit can test different equipment variants.

“The Genix Test Units integrated into our existing machines easily and we had no negative feedback from our supplier base. I personally went around every machine in the UK when they were installed last summer and it was pretty clear how they were functioning and that the HMI controls were very positive.”

Nick Towers, Manufacturing Group Leader, Plastic Omnium | Read the full case study here


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Technical overview:

Genix Test Unit front shotThe Genix Test Unit provides a means of performing a number of electrical and communications tests on products at assembly stations during manufacture.

It’s a system designed for testing a range of electronic components within sub-assemblies, such as bumpers, spoilers and door modules, immediately following assembly.

The test unit has a high I/O count supporting a wide range of simultaneous tests and includes PLC interfaces for test control, result capture and handshaking. It’s capable of providing both advanced continuity and functionality testing via LIN, CAN and PSI5.

It can be mounted in a wide variety of locations within the manufacturing environment. Plugable screw terminal blocks for I/O and power are provided with each test unit. The Genix Sensor Test Unit can be used in production line testing in the lab or other industry environments.

Typically, test results are fed back to the PLC. Custom handheld devices can be provided for monitoring of test results. Alternatively, test results can be monitored via our real-time systems interface software, VISUALCONNX.

Damaged wiresFully protected

All test output lines, such as voltage and current outputs and supplies are protected against short circuit to 0V, such as might occur with a damaged harness or connector.


Cropped ZIF test connectorMultichannel measurement

16 measurement channels are available allowing for all equipment within a modern automotive bumper, spoiler or door module to be tested simultaneously.


Genix Test Unit front panel design closeupEase of use

Units are provided with a predefined set of test sequences which are requested from the PLC via the digital inputs to the test unit. Custom test sequences can be provided on request.

Genix test unit front viewThe GTU allows sub-assemblies to be tested at the end of the line within a production environment, either directly from an assembly station or other test bench. This allows both automotive Tier 1 organisations and OEMs to ensure the correct operation of vehicle electronics throughout the manufacturing process.

This allows organisations to mitigate against the risk of faulty equipment which may potentially cause production line delays or commercial recalls to be initiated in the market place. It can also assist with the manufacture of personalised vehicles which may demand custom modifications of sub-assemblies.

• Parking assistance sensors

Genix Test Unit with screw terminal blocks• Parking distance sensors

• Gesture sensors

• Camera sensors

• Headlamps

• Fog lamps

• Internet and telecommunications antennae

• Pedestrian safety sensors

• Blind spot sensors



Test Channels 16
Test takt time Approximately 2 seconds
Example devices tested Park assist sensors, parking distance sensors, gesture sensors, airbags, cameras, radio/internet antennae, head lamps, fog lamps, brake lamps
Short circuit protection (relays) Protected to 24V
Short circuit protection (outputs) Protected to 0V
Data logging SD card (optional)
Unit size
Width 105mm
Length 170.5mm
Height 64.4mm
Available test I/O 108 (reconfigurable)
24V IN Power supply
PLC inputs 1-8 8 inputs commoned to C1
PLC inputs 9-16 / Outputs S-Z 8 inputs commoned to C2
PLC outputs A-H 8 volt-free contact pairs
PLC outputs J-R 8 volt-free contact pairs
Unit Under Test Supply Programmable (protected)
Supply outputs 4 switched supplies to test harness
Measurement I/O 1-8 8 Genix I/O test pairs
Measurement I/O 9-16 8 Genix I/O test pairs
HOST CAN CAN accessibility
RS232 Interface with PLC (optional)
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