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Genix is a range of technologies for hardware-in-the-loop simulation that allow engineers to re-configure and scale test environments quickly as requirements change.

Range of Genix HIL systemsControl or plant models can be easily implemented using Simulink®, with all I/O and signal conditioning easily configured in software.

Systems are available from 3U target racks to full vehicle, utilising special purpose cards such as programmable loads, fault insertion, switching systems and further custom interfaces.

Genix therefore allows a diverse range of HIL systems to be built, then re-purposed efficiently when moving from one vehicle development programme to another.

“Since the HIL simulator is more configurable and configurability can be done through software, it is easier to adapt the HIL simulator to the next vehicle programme with minimal additional cost incurred.”

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Technical overview:

Genix vehicle domain hardware-in-the-loop systemHardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is a test methodology that can be used throughout the development of real-time embedded controllers to reduce development time and improve the effectiveness of testing.

As the complexity of electronic control modules (ECMs) increases, the number of combinations of tests required to ensure correct functionality and response increases exponentially. Older testing methodologies tended to wait for the controller design to be completed and integrated into the final system before system issues could be identified.

Hardware-in-the-loop testing provides a way of simulating sensors, actuators and mechanical components in a way that connects all the I/O of the ECM being tested, long before the final system is integrated. It does this by using representative real-time responses, electrical stimuli and functional use cases.

The part of the simulation that represents the environment, sensors and associated hardware is called the plant model. With Genix, this is usually a Simulink® model within a target, that controls the I/O delivered to the device under test. Additional I/O can be added and configured through the Genix distributed systems range, or third party hardware and software.

Genix systems can comprise of as little as distributed intelligent signal generators to full hardware-in-the-loop test systems. The Genix Target runs a Simulink®-coded plant model within a system, and offers up to 160 onboard I/O. Genix Sub-racks can slot into racks, and can contain power supplies, PODs and cards. Genix cards offer functionality such as load simulation, communication switching and much more. Genix PODs contain Genix modules, and offer interfacing to real-world I/O and are fully configurable in software. A range of distributed units can generate custom vehicle signals such as crankshaft and camshaft sensors, or wheel speed sensors.

 Signal conditioning

Signal conditioning boards offer a wide range of flexibility and reconfiguration, as well as some special-purpose I/O. All Genix signal conditioning is configurable in software using our HIL configuration utility, HCU.

Genix Simulink enabled HIL target system

 Robustness testing

Genix systems can be upgraded with vehicle battery simulation units that can generate stop start voltage, voltage dropout, FTBN and other useful waveforms in a randomised yet repeatable fashion.

 Distributed processing

Genix offers rack-based or remote I/O, simulating sensors, actuators, engine activity and more, allowing more testing to be completed in the lab. Sub-racks are built in our factory and then commissioned on-site.

Special purpose

A wide range of special purpose modules are available, offering the functionality to insert faults, simulate loads, perform switching and much more. add2 can provide or develop specialised functionality on request.

Genix Target

An all-in-one solution for integrating PC chassis and signal conditioning cards within a 3U rack-based solution. Re-configurable in software, the number of I/O required can be simplified, minimising test complexity.

Genix HIL front panelGenix technology allows engineers to quickly scale the capability of their HIL environments in response to increasing or changing test requirements, by delivering broad test functionality including fault insertion, load simulation and custom distributed signalling. It also allows simple switching between one system under test to the next, with all signal conditioning defined in software. This allows test environments to be swiftly repurposed as requirements change.

Full compatibility with industry standard tools such as MATLAB Simulink® allows engineers to quickly adapt and use Genix technology as part of their HIL testing. This allows OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to broaden test capability and switch quickly between vehicle programs and test methodologies.

LVTGO low voltage robustness testing systemGenix offers high levels of interoperability with third-party systems, and can be integrated with vehicle dynamics software and test automation software. Compatibility is also available with existing add2 products such as Sens-X for current measurement and LVTGO-VBS for robustness testing.

• Hardware-in-the-loop testing

• Rapid Control Prototyping

• Component robustness testing

• Verification and Validation testing

• Electrical load profiling

• Model-in-the-loop testing

Hardware-in-the-loop overview diagram



H1 Signal Conditioning Fully protected rack-based signal conditioning
H1-4 Protected, configurable signal conditioning module
H1-5 Analogue output signal conditioning module with jumper-selectable gains
H1-6 Protected, configurable signal conditioning digital output module
H1-7 Protected, configurable signal conditioning input module
H1-OPP-5V Voltage output protector module
H1-SWS Switch simulator output module
H1-DCO Digital current output module
H1-DCSFI-xxV Isolated output PSU module
H1-ECU-PSU-SW High current ECU power supply switching solution card
H1-PINCH Two state resistive output simulation module for pinch detection
H1-SRS Safety restraints transducer simulator module
H1-CANSWF 8 channel high-speed CAN switching card for fault insertion
H1-LINSWF 16 channel LIN switching card for fault insertion
H1-RELAY-A 8 channel high current relay card
H1-COMPROT Communications connection card and prototyping boards
H2 Special Purpose DSP A range of switching and loading boards
H2-PSU-M ECU power supply current and voltage measurement card
H2-PROGLOAD Programmable load simulator card with Simulink model support
H3 Special Purpose DSP Distributed or rack-based intelligent I/O
H3-GDSP-CITF Complex input/transducer simulator I/O module
H3-GDSP-COF Complex output function distributed I/O module
H3-DDINx4 DIN-Rail-based I/O carriers for H3 I/O modules
H4 Distributed I/O DSP based, networked I/O
H4-PWM Bridge Single channel closed loop current control PWM driver module
H4-SA16-(RS2-A) 16 channel switch simulation. 32 analogue input and dual resistive sensor simulation module
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