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COMMDongle | USB CAN Interface Adapter

The COMMDongle USB CAN adapter is a convenient, robust, and physically compact tool for CAN interfacing, logging and analysis.

The device can be used as a standard CAN/USB interface via a PC to analyse individual CAN messages using our CANSurf software tool. Also for advanced CAN bus analysis using VISUALCONNX or your own software via APIs.

It offers full galvanic isolation and logging of multiple 2.0b buses at speeds of up to 1Mbit/s.

So using COMMDongle you can send, receive, monitor and log messages on the CAN bus conveniently.

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Technical overview:

The COMMDongle range is designed for test and development engineers or students. Such individuals need powerful and compact communications interfaces with fully-certified drivers covering a wide range of software, including VISUALCONNX and many programming languages, such as C#, C++, VB.NET and many others.

COMMDongle Pro Dual Channel CAN USB InterfaceAvailable with a full platform of hardware and supporting software out of the box – along with cables and interfaces, the COMMDongle USB range is swiftly in active use.

It is designed for demanding applications and discerning users who require cost-effective communications interfaces. Devices are galvanically isolated and offers high-speed CAN or LIN communications at a competitive price.

VISUALCONNX HMI software is available to monitor and control the CAN bus using one or more CAN databases or VISUALCONNX’s CAN data engine, network or system definition files.

A 30-day trial of VISUALCONNX Full Developer is provided with each COMMDongle purchased.

Ultra compact

Plugs into any standard USB port.

Commdongle with coins


GUI showing data read by COMMDongle

With CANdB import via the multi-CAN connection, COMMDongle interfaces can quickly be used to monitor and control systems via CAN.


Available with a range of features:

  • 1 CAN channel
  • Easy connection cable
  • Optical isolation
  • Soft Termination
  • DSP controller

Wide driver support

Support is available for the following:

  • Windows DLL
  • ActiveX
  • .NET Assembly
  • Matlab
  • NI Labview

Increasingly, high performance is no longer the domain of dedicated, stand-alone test systems. Now, mobile applications require the same stringent performance criteria and capability. The COMMDongle range meets this need.

VISUALCONNX CANSurf GUIIf you are always trying to keep your toolbox lightweight and small and yet robust, then you need COMMDongle interfaces.

Standards are important, which is why you should be using a product that complies fully, for example with CAN definition files. COMMDongle interfaces are compatible with a range of software tools, including VISUALCONNX, for communications monitoring and application development.

ECU Car CAN network

• Bus monitoring

• HIL systems interfaces

• Portable diagnostics tools

• Communications data logging

• Bundled products




Available models Pro 1
Supported CAN baud rates 1000000 (1M), 500000(500k), 125000(125k),
83300 (83.3k), 62500 (62.5k), 50000 (50k),
33300 (33.3k), 25000 (25k)
CAN isolation Optical
Processor 32 bit, 80MHz
Max time quanta (Per bit) 25
Windows compatibility 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 & 64 bit)
Signed USB Windows driver Yes
Max nodes supported Per CAN bus 110
Max devices supported Limited by available USB ports
USB support Full speed 2.0, 3.0
Termination Software selectable 120Ω
Application support VISUALCONNX, Matlab, Visual Studio,
Connectivity Replaceable, a range of connectors and
adapters are available
Firmware reflashable Yes
Software included CANSurf CAN monitoring software,
VISUALCONNX 30 day trial
Status and channel activity Bi-colour LEDs
Status warning Audible
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