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Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

The Sens-X vehicle current measurement system allows you to measure quiescent current or over-power events and helps to diagnose embedded electronic control system issues.

The range takes measurement directly from the vehicle fuse point or in series with the vehicle battery, outputting measurement data digitally for further analysis via a supplied or third-party GUI.

Sens-X can measure quiescent current to sub-milliamp level, assess currents up to a peak of 1000A without re-calibration, and achieve sample rates greater than 1 kHz.

So, Sens-X sensors offer a convenient way to validate the performance of embedded control systems.

The Range
An introduction to Sens-X's hardware and software.
Product Overview
An overview of the features and uses of the Sens-X system.

Advanced Features
Including configuring, logging and analysing current measurements.

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Technical overview:

In-fuse current measurement system plus fuseboxOne of the key challenges in modern systems design is being able to test and demonstrate there are no low power, or quiescent power, issues within your system design. With systems offering high power features and yet requiring less power when in a dormant or standby state, it is often difficult to find exceptionally wide dynamic range measurement capable of dealing with the highest and lowest levels within this range.

The Sens-X range comprises current measurement devices that can be plugged directly into fuse holder, fuse boxes and similar receptacles. Measurement devices are also available to connect in series with the vehicle battery. They are specifically designed for test, development and systems engineers looking for compact, high dynamic range current measurement that can be used in vehicles and vehicle breadboards.

By using very high resolution miniature front end circuitry optically coupled to a high-speed digital messaging system, ultra sensitive current signals can be measured while still maintaining exceptional signal quality. This is the Sens-X range.

With both ‘point of measurement’ and remote installations available, mechanical constraints are no longer a big consideration for accessing your key measurements quickly and easily.

Single measurement fuse, sleeved variantThe Sens-X ‘Current Measurement Stick’ range is for test, development and systems engineers looking for compact, high dynamic range current measurement devices that can be instrumented up quickly and easily.

Using CAN to configure and broadcast the current and voltage signals, the unit may be set-up using a pre-supplied  VISUALCONNX user interface, allowing you to either integrate with existing CAN-based measurement systems, or create your own using VISUALCONNX run-time and COMMDongle.

Total vehicle current measurement fuseThe Sens-X TVC current measurement range is for test, development and systems engineers looking for high current, compact, high dynamic range current measurement devices that can be instrumented up quickly and easily.

The Sens-X TVC units can measure total vehicle currents as low as a few mA while being able to measure up to around 1000 Amps without physical range changing.

Vehicle current measurement fuse in fuse boxEase of use

A range of ‘Plug and go’ devices for many points of measurement. Ranges from 5A to 80A are available in 5A steps.

CAN-compatible vehicle fuse measurement GUIQuick to set up

Using a pre-configured VISUALCONNX GUI each fuse can be monitored and configured to ‘stream’ its data onto CAN.

HIL-communicable vehicle Current Measurement GUIIntegrates with HIL

Using CANdB files and VISUALCONNX, a network can be built up to support your HIL test requirements.

The Sens-X range is appropriate for the following applications:

Single vehicle current measurement fuse unsleeved• Vehicle integration

• Robustness testing

• Test boards

• Prototype vehicles

• Automotive power testing and optimisation

• Quiescent current monitoring

• Data logging

Total vehicle current measurement fuse variantFurthermore, due to its wide, single supply voltage and non-switching path circuit, our Sens-X TVC (Total vehicle current measurement unit) is suitable for:

• Complete vehicle current monitoring

• Heavy load monitoring

• Cranking issue capture

• Quiescent current investigations



Example smartfuse ratings 5A, 8A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A
Smartfuse form factor Single, triple, adaptor
Smartfuse connectivity CMS. DIN rail with adapter, TVC
Single smartfuse size 16mm (W), 45mm (H), 7.3mm (D)
Maximum CAN baud rate 1MBaud (factory set, default 500KBaud)
Calibration temperature 25°C
Processor Digital signal processor
Sample rate Up to 1000S/s
Minimum resolution 0.3μA
Maximum resolution 9.5nA for restricted headroom
Total vehicle current (TVC) maximum current Up to 1000A
Adaptor connection type Maxi, Mini, Micro2, Micro3, ATO (regular), J-Case
Voltage measurement -30V to 30V
Maximum recommended fuse points per CAN bus 80
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Compatibility VISUALCONNX, COMMDongle or any CAN 2.0b compatible system
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