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Box iconOur range of embedded systems testing & development products allow vehicle manufacturers to build and test controls systems easily. They can assist throughout the entire development cycle, from specification capture to production.

In short, we help you to develop innovative, reliable and feature-rich products.


Switch between vehicle programs easily with flexible HIL

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Genix hardware in the loop closeupPC-based integrated simulations for Simulink® Real Time and other operating environments. Supports MATLAB Simulink® and other modelling tools as well as having flexible, highly configurable interfacing and testing hardware.

Available as rack-based, distributed or combined formats, offering higher availability and lower cost of ownership. Provides intelligent I/O allowing distribution of I/O and processing.

Special purpose functionality available, such as fault insertion, load emulation, switch/resistance simulation and dynamic vehicle signalling.


Isolate more control issues with randomised battery simulation

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LVTGO low voltage testerLow voltage and ground offset EMC testing for components, sub-systems or whole vehicles. It has a powerful and easy-to-use GUI and can capture, create and play waveforms, helping you to discover more control faults.

This system allows you to reproduce hard-to-repeat issue reports after product release, to generate and deliver common voltage profiles and pre-defined waveforms, and to test to numerous industry standards, for improved control robustness.

Genix Test Unit

Avoid production issues using sub-assembly verification

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Genix Test Unit automotive electronics testerGenix Test Unit performs advanced continuity testing of automotive sub-assemblies during manufacture. It offers a high I/O count, and is easily reconfigurable through software to accommodate testing of multiple sub-assembly variants using the same physical box.

It arrives pre-configured for the required vehicle program’s test procedures. Example components tested by the Genix Test Unit include pedestrian sensors, antennae, cameras, parking sensors, airbags, lamps and gesture sensors.


Speed up control prototyping in vehicles and the lab

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MICROGen Simulink programmable control moduleA small, portable, cost-effective automotive specification RCP or gateway module, offering software configurable I/O with signal conditioning built-in and programmable with Simulink®. MICROGen is highly flexible and re-usable, allowing you to view/change data with our powerful VISUALCONNX GUI or other CCP-based tools.

It can be programmed with our generic Simulink Target Support Package, flexiTARGET, allowing you to target models to the MICROGen. flexiTARGET is available standalone and mitigates against hardware obsolescence by targeting control models to different hardware as their complexity increases.


Target Simulink models for a theoretically limitless selection of real-time hardware

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flexiTARGET Simulink target support package logoflexiTARGET is a Simulink® Target Support Package that allows you to target your models for an enormous range of real-time hardware, without having the worry of hardware obsolescence. It evolves alongside different microcontrollers, without the need to redesign the control model or change blocks.

All of this results in a smoother development cycle, and much easier support for custom hardware. Support is included for GCC and other low-cost compiler, MATLAB versions including 2016b and beyond, plus a range of present and future microcontroller families.


Perform more tests before prototype with dynamic signalling

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DTB small HIL system on test boardA compact, low-cost vehicle simulator for use on test boards and smaller test setups where powertrain emulation is helpful. For use in a lab-based “driveable” environment which ultimately allows more testing to take place before prototype.

The DTB provides functional and robustness testing on the harness. It allows more testing to be performed earlier, but on production wiring architecture, saving costs on prototype vehicles by testing more at the lab car stage.


Measure quiescent and working vehicle currents easily

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Sens-X in-fuse vehicle current measurement fuseSens-X is a range of automotive current measurement smartfuses that can beplugged directly into the fuse box, fuse holder or similar receptacles for diagnostic current measurement testing. The range is designed for engineers looking for compact, high dynamic range current measurement that can be used from single point bench measurement up to breadboards or full vehicles.

It measures from sub-milliamp up to 400A continuous, and from 12.5Hz to 1000Hz. Application-based form factors are available.


Extend HIL capability through automated power supply control

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LVT-PSU CAN-controlled power supplyPrimarily designed for automotive testing and development applications, the LVT-PSU allows for greater control of test processes through the control of test power supply via automated means. This makes the system suitable for a wealth of unattended applications such as hardware in- the-loop and production intent component verification.

The LVT-PSU can be controlled via CAN, via a Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) with COM interfacing capability, or via its intuitive front panel.


Create powerful real-time interfaces without programming

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VISUALCONNX real time interface creation softwareVISUALCONNX allows powerful real-time GUIs to be created in minutes – simplifying the interfacing, logging and analysis of embedded systems. Once complete, interfaces can be packaged and distributed in just a few clicks.

It allows you to build control panels for your target systems. It can connect to CAN systems, real-time simulation targets, or any other target. VISUALCONNX can also create automated test systems for use by your customers or suppliers.


Analyse CAN bus messages conveniently

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COMMDongle USB CAN interfaceA range of compact hardware designed for high performance PC-based communications. Cost effective, open interfaces designed to work with a wide range of software systems.

It can be used with VISUALCONNX and CAN databases, and also includes CAN monitoring software, CANSurf.

“add2’s main strength is in innovative and appropriate technology for automotive applications. Simply put, this reduces the work required for the OEM customer to achieve desired test cases.”

Kyaw Kyaw Soe, E/E Core Systems & Software Engineering, Ford Motor Company