Distributed HIL Simulation Of Switches, Resistances, Sensors

Distributed I/O

Genix HIL systems can be augmented with a selection of units. These units offer functionality including the distributed HIL Simulation Of Switches, Resistances and Sensors. They allow generation of standard automotive signals such as those emitted by crank and cam sensors, advanced switching functionality, and also current measurement. The units communicate via CAN to provide easy integration, logging and control.


Distributed HIL signal simulation unit

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H3-DDINx4 HIL distributed sensor simulation unitThe H3-DDINx4 modules house up to 4 CITF or OCF modules; allowing a wide range of HIL signals to be simulated.


Distributed switch and resistance simulator

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H4-SA16 HIL distributed HIL switch and resistance simulation unitThe H4-SA16-RS2-A allows distributed simulation of both switches and resistances within a wider HIL system.